Color Atlas of Anatomy A Photographic Study of the Human Body

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Color Atlas of Anatomy A Photographic Study of the Individual Body This brand-new release was revised and structured anew in different ways. Each chapter is usually offered with an introductory entrance page to give an overview of the topics of the chapter and short descriptions. The whole preliminary section “General Anatomy” has been newly arranged and supported with introductory texts, hence facilitating college students to better know the complicated
“planet” of gross anatomy. The huge part 2 “Head and Neck” had been divide into 5 sub-chapters with an preliminary web page each. Moreover, the drawings had been modified and enhanced in numerous chapters and depicted more regularly. In most of the chapters new photographs taken from newly dissected specimens were incorporated.

The general structure and arrangement of the Atlas were preserved. The chapters of regional body structure are therefore placed behind the systematic explanations of the anatomical constructions so that learners can study – elizabeth.g. before dissecting an extremity – the organized body structure of bones, joint parts, muscle groups, nerves and vessels. For studying the photographs of the specimens the use of a magnifier may be helpful. The massive plasticity of
the photos is unexpected, especially at higher magnifications. In several areas new MRI and CT tests were added to provide thing to consider to the fresh imaging strategies which become even more and more important for the college student in preclinics. We would like to specific our genuine thanks to Prof. Heuck, Munich, who supplied us with the MRI scans.

In the underlying seventh edition photographs of the surface anatomy of the human body were included again. We disregarded marks and signals in order not to influence the quality of the images.

Despite many additions and amendments the size of the volume did not increase to ensure that students both in preclinics and inside clinics are offered an atlas easy to handle and cope with. While preparing this brand-new release, the authors had been reminded of how exactly, wonderfully, and admirably the human body will be constructed. If this publication helps the pupil or medial doctor to enjoy the overpowering attractiveness of the physiological architecture
of tissues and organs in the human being, then it greatly fulfils its task. Deep curiosity and affection of the anatomical buildings may generate the “love for man”, which only can end up being regarded of major importance for everyday medical related work.
We would like to express our great gratitude to all coworkers for their skilled function. Without their help the improvements of the Colour Atlas of Body structure would not really have got happen to be achievable. We would also like to sole our honest thanks a lot to those at Schattauer GmbH, Stuttgart, Australia, Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, and Igaku-Shoin, Tokyo, Japan, who always listened to our suggestions and invested again a great deal of their effort into improving this book.

Download Color Atlas of Anatomy A Photographic Study of the Human Body

Color Atlas of Anatomy A Photographic Study of the Human Body

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